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Dr. Nitin Tiwari

Dr. Nitin Tiwari has over 20 years of experience in doing complex interventions and has done more than 6000 complex angioplasties with more than 2000 cath procedures. He has done MBBS in the year 1992 (Gold Medalist) GMC, Nagpur .He has done MD in the year 1999 from GB Pant, New Delhi & DM Cardio in the year 2002 from Sion Hospital ,Mumbai.
After working with Prof.Elsasser, Dr.Nitin Tiwari became the first cardiologist from central India to be formally trained in TAVI (Transcutaneous Aortic Valve Implantation).He performned the first TAVI in a patient with recurrent LVF &VT with poor LV factor.
He is the first to perform the world smallest pacemaker implantation in Central India.
He has devised a new technique for retrieval of jailed broke wire called as “Two Wire Technique “which has been critically acclaimed in the field of cardiology.
He also did first ever simultaneous angioplasty of lower limb, heart carotid.
He put the first ever drug eluting balloon in the leg of a PVD patient in central India.
He performed Rotablation in an 83 years old patient with 100% blockage.
He is the first and only Proctor for complex angioplasties from Central India for multiple
International companies.

Core Competencies

• Chronic Total Occlusion PTCA Bifurcation & left main PTCA
• PTCA Bifurcation & Left • Main PTCA • Rotablation
• Renal and Carotid Angioplasty Valvuloplasties
• Mesenteric Angioplasty Paediatric Interventions
• Aortic Aneurysm Stenting
• Peripheral Angioplasty and Leadless Pacemaker Implantation
• He is the only cardiologist in Nagpur, who does Rotablation that too in the case of 82 years Old patient with 100% blockages.
• He also did first ever drug ductiballoon in the leg of a PVD patient in central India.
• Dr. Tiwari has also done many other operations right from complicated to more severe cases in surgery and has excelled.


• Dr. Tiwari’s technique was selected for ‘Best of Asia Award’ category in Malaysia Live 2010.
• Late Dr. P. N.Dubey Gold medal for securing highest marks in Anatomy in Nagpur University (1994)
• Award scholarship for ‘Meritorious Student’ in 1st, 2nd and Final M.B.B.S.
• Recipient of the following awards for 2nd place in merit list: Late Rambhai Somabhai
• Samaj Bhushan – ‘’Glory of India “awards.
• Patel Award and Late Digambardas Govardhandas Award.
Research and Publications
Dr. Tiwari has many papers to his credit in various national and international journals
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