Genesis of The Valve Clinic (TVC) - Dr. Haresh Mehta


Our mission is to have cardiovascular specialists and experts in their respective fields present during the procedure. At The Valve Clinic, cardiovascular specialists work with an expert team to provide proper comprehensive care for people undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR). The team comprises of but is not limited to, radiologists, nurses, anesthesiologists, and cardiac surgeons.


We understand the need for specialised treatments, as well as specialised care. The doctors at The Valve Clinic take time to understand your needs, get to know you, and then plan the care you require based on this information about your cardiovascular health.


We have diversified treatment options at The Valve Clinic. We can provide an important understanding of what will work best for you. All patients with aortic valve stenosis are thoroughly evaluated by our team of cardiovascular specialists. These evaluations are done by cardiovascular specialists in heart valve disease, and aortic valve replacement, a multi-disciplinary team that is geared up to determine whether you are a candidate for TAVR, or if another form of treatment is a better option. At the end of the day, we at TVC need to determine which procedure will lead to the best results for you.


Composite treatment in this discipline requires well-trained and expert doctors, albeit the best technology available to aid the doctors in the TAVI procedure. The Valve Clinic cardiovascular specialists have advanced imaging technology at their disposal to help them in planning and performing the TAVI procedure in the safest way possible. It is this technology that helps them stand out in the arena of heart valve care.


We value our training and expertise as much as we value your health and safety.

The Valve Clinic cardiovascular experts and surgeons have undergone specialised training in heart valve surgery and care giving them the comprehensive experience required to evaluate and treat all patients who may need to undergo the TAVI procedure.


The Valve Clinic researchers have participated in various important and pivotal studies akin to TAVR. In these studies, our doctors and researchers compared the mortality rates of heart valve surgery and TAVR in people with aortic valve stenosis who had a high or intermediate risk of complications from open-heart surgery. Researchers have found that the TAVI procedure and open-heart surgery have similar mortality rates. Doctors and researchers at The Valve Clinic are also involved in developing and testing advanced technology and techniques used to care for people with heart valve disease.