TVC: The Best Team for TAVI in Mumbai

The Valve Clinic (TVC) is a facility situated in Mumbai, India where a highly skilled group of cardiologists offer excellent, thorough treatment to patients undergoing procedures like TAVI, TMVR and BMV. Their multidisciplinary team of physicians and cardiovascular specialists takes the time to fully examine each patient’s situation, fully grasp the patient’s demands, and then determine the optimal treatment plan for the patient.

The main goal of TVC is to have professionals from several domains, including cardiovascular specialists, present during the treatment. Cardiovascular specialists at The Valve Clinic collaborate with a skilled team to give patients undergoing TAVI, TMVR or BMV suitable comprehensive care. The team includes heart surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and radiologists, among others.

The unique features of TVC that keep them above the other similar services are individualized approach, comprehensive evaluation, usage of highly advanced technology, and research and innovation. In TVC, you would meet the team performing the highest number of TAVI cases in the city of Mumbai.

The Team

The TAVI team of TVC includes highly skilled and experienced interventional cardiologists like Dr Haresh Mehta, and Dr Ankur Phatarpekar leading from the front. Other interventional cardiologists like Dr Amit Patil, Dr Kayan Siodia, Dr Bhavesh Popat, Dr Nitin Tiwari and consultant anesthesiologists like Dr Chinmay Godbole are valuable assets of the best TAVI team in India.

Team Achievements

There are lots of huge achievements of the TVC which are not only important for the TVC but the whole field of interventional cardiology. TVC has performed the first successful TAVI of whole Western India with the newly launched TAVI technology called Abbott’s Portico Flexnav Valve. The first percutaneous subclavian access TAVI was also done by this team. They also achieved the first double valve-in-valve mitral and aortic position in the same setting in India. TVC is also responsible for the first Evoult pro in Western India and the first Hydra commercial use in Mumbai. Besides, the implantation of all four valves available in the world: Portico, MycalTM, EvolutTM, and Edwards is done by the TVC team.

Services Offered

Patients will receive a thorough evaluation, information about the entire surgery, education about the processes and testing necessary for the TAVI technique, and awareness of the entire operation at the clinic. All patients who have had treatments at the clinic are thoroughly followed up by the outpatient department at The Valve Clinic. This is being done directly under the direction of a heart surgeon with experience performing valve operations.

Their additional services include annual telephone follow-ups with patients, a thorough post-operative assessment that places a focus on the cardiovascular system and issues related to valves (anticoagulation, valve durability, thromboembolic complications, and infection), evaluation through tests like an echocardiogram (ECG), 2D-Echo, and the identification of patients needing a re-evaluation of their valve condition.

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In Summary,

If a patient is required to undergo procedures like TAVI, TMVR or BMV, there is no other place for that like TVC in India which delivers excellent service and exceptional patient care with the help of a highly skilled experienced team using cutting-edge innovative technology.