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TAVI Procedure

At The Valve Clinic (TVC) we determine your suitability to undergo a TAVI procedure. All patients are referred to us through a diagnosis of aortic stenosis, and they can get complete cardiovascular care at TVC with our team of experts trained in heart valve surgery and care.

Fresh assessments are done by adept and experienced doctors, specialists in their own right and medical professionals who are always up to date with the latest research and knowledge on cardiovascular health to ensure success. Each assessment is done by members of the TVC team which includes but is not exclusive to an interventional cardiologist, a surgeon and a TAVI nurse, who is skilled in the TAVI procedure.

At the clinic, you will receive a detailed assessment, education and awareness about the entire operation, information about the processes and testing required for the TAVI procedure.

The outpatient department at The Valve Clinic meticulously follows up with all patients who have undergone procedures at the clinic. This is under the direct supervision of a cardiac surgeon with expertise in valve surgeries.

Our Services Include:

  • Annual telephonic follow-ups for our patients.
  • Exhaustive post-operative assessment with emphasis on the cardiovascular system and valve-related issues (anticoagulation, valve durability,  thromboembolic complications, and infection).
  • Evaluation through tests  like an echocardiogram (ECG), 2D-Echo.
  • Identification of patients requiring a re-evaluation of their valve condition.

In our endeavor to improve care for our patients, we systematically collect post-operative clinical information so we can better understand the varied challenges our patients encounter after heart valve surgery. The information gathered covers your history of hospital re-admissions, functional status, medications, anticoagulation protocol, and findings from complete cardiovascular examinations. Laboratory test results and echocardiographic data are also collected.

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