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Mitra Clip

Did you know that mitral disease is a heart valve disorder that has compromised human lives more than any other disease, and only 1.5% of patients are being treated? Moreover, around 1 in 5 heart failure patients suffers from secondary mitral regurgitation disease.

In the USA, mitral regurgitation is 4 times more common than aortic stenosis, and over 4 million patients suffer from immediate or severe mitral regurgitation alone.

So, are you looking for an authentic, reliable, clinically-proven, and noninvasive procedure to treat primary or secondary mitral valve regurgitation disease?

The MitraClip procedure is a minimally-invasive and safe implantation therapy that has successfully treated over 100,000 people with mitral valve regurgitation disease worldwide who reported a sustained improvement in their quality of life after the treatment.

MitraClip is indicated for the treatment of both severe secondary or functional mitral regurgitation and primary or degenerative

Moreover, the procedure has a well-established clinical history. It has been studied on above 30,000 patients in clinical trials and has over 16+ years of proven safety, efficacy, and patient experience.

The MitraClip implantation procedure allows shorter hospital stays compared to other surgical-based or traditional procedures. Patients are discharged within 2-3 days after implantation, and 85.9% of patients are discharged directly to their homes.

With MitraClip therapy, there is no need for a cardiopulmonary bypass or a heart-lung machine to support heart functioning during implantation. MitraClip therapy is performed as the heart is beating. Above all, the procedure has provided the freedom to over 96.6% of patients from device-related complications at 12 months.


MitraClip Success Rates


The most common symptoms of mitral valve disease or mitral valve regurgitation are irregular, rapid, or fluttering heartbeat, extreme fatigue, and shortness of breath.

Mitral valve repair and mitral valve replacement are both treatment options to fix a leaky heart valve or mitral valve disease. Mitral valve replacement is a surgical procedure that replaces a diseased valve with an artificial valve.

On the other hand, mitral valve repair may involve minimally-invasive techniques to repair a mitral valve, for example, a MitraClip implantation therapy, which clips the leaky valve.

A MitraClip implantation repairs diseased or damaged mitral valve. It is indicated for patients suffering from secondary or functional mitral regurgitation or primary or degenerative mitral regurgitation. It is especially recommended to patients for whom surgery is a risky option.

MitraClip implantation has proven to be a safe and effective procedure, and has reduced mitral regurgitation disease with a success rate of 95.8%.

The cost of MitraClip implantation in India depends on the type of clinic, the experience of your cardiologist, and your overall health condition. The Valve Clinic offers the most affordable cost of MitraClip therapy for functional mitral regurgitation.

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