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StentingStress Echocardiography – My dad was having trouble with chest pain while walking and climbing stairs. Family physician recommended Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar.
My dad consulted Dr. Ankur P. and he told him that he is symptomatic for an angioplasty and needs an urgent angiograph.
My first interaction with Dr. Ankur P. was directly in the operation theatre where my dad’s angiograph showed 100% block.
I appreciate Dr. Ankur’s professionalism to explain us options and guide us with correct medical advice.
My great thanks to Dr. Ankur P. is based on the fact that my dad has a history of blood pressure and Dr. Ankur P. revived him to give him a new life.
As my dad was in critical condition, Dr. Ankur P. helped us with his team to be in the Hospital till his parameters were stable which was close to 20 hours of personal supervision.
Because of this personal care and sharing of facts during those 20 hours, I would recommend Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar.
Even though I have no medical background, but, out of curiosity we checked the academics of Dr. Ankur P. **** *** *****
My dad had multiple blockages and Dr. Ankur P. only used a stent for opening the 100% blockage and recommended a diet and exercises for the other blockages. My dad is fit and fine