Thanks and Greatfulness,- To, Respective Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar Sir. Sirona Cardiac Care, Mumbai, Maharastra.

Sir, By Chance , firsttime meet at TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL to you undoubtedly a red letter day for me and my family. My mother was then a cancer patient of Tata memorial hospital. She was suffering from cardio problems seriously. Your repeated suggestions per weak and fortnightly as and when necessary and even now tremendously saving my mother from her cardio releating problems. We want your help in our future days. However, we are comming again Mumbai this year in December and visit again. All most all of my family members and all of my kith and kins pray to God for your long life and prosperous future. At the same time , I feel it well that in the states of North East of India you very very exceptional than exceptional and extraordinary than extraordinary. Once again I and our family praying to God ” To save Dr. Ankur Sir, extend his reputations, his fame through out India and to the broader spaces of the world”. I also whole heartedly congratulate the doctors and staffs of Tata memorial hospital / Tata memorial Centre again and again specially to the Dr. George K. Sir, Dr. C.S Pramesh sir, Dr. Sarita Jijwani Mam, Dr. Kumar Pravash Sir. Dr. Praveen kulkarni sir of Global Hospital and other doctor and nurses who dadicated their vast experiences for rapid recovery from the illness of my mother like a killer diseases cancer. My mother is now fit and gradually recovering her lossing health. In the long run I ask the favour of God my Gurudev Prabhu Shree Ram and Laxman , mother Sita and of My Gurudev Mahaveer, Gurudev Sai Baba, Gurudev HajiAli, Gurudev Jesus Christ to save all of us who were engaged in the treatment of my mother in the hospital of Tata memorial Centre , Maharastra, Mumbai and also pray to God and Godess for their long life and prosperous future.