MitraClip Procedure Explained : Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar, Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar, an Interventional Cardiologist and director of The Valve Clinic, Mumbai, provides a comprehensive insight into the MitraClip, a revolutionary solution for mitral valve leaks.

The MitraClip is a tiny device designed to address leaks in the mitral valve. It is positioned on the valve through a minimally invasive procedure known as transcatheter edge-to-edge repair (TEER). This technique involves using a flexible catheter to apply the MitraClip and resolve issues with the mitral valve.

With expertise and clarity, Dr. Phatarpekar highlights the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, utilizing a flexible catheter for precise application.

This informative discourse navigates the intricacies of MitraClip, offering patients a deeper understanding of how this small yet impactful device can make a substantial difference in addressing mitral valve issues under the expert guidance of Dr. Ankur Phatarpekar.